Easy Classroom Valentine’s Party Ideas

Activities, Games & Crafts for Your Class Party

Sometimes the easiest way to throw a class Valentine’s Day party is to divide and conquer! Separate your class into small groups and rotate through these activities scheduling between 10 minutes per station. 

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Easy Classroom Valentine's Party Ideas from SignUp.com

Make ValenSLIME: Turn Borax and glue into a slimy concoction beloved by kids everywhere. Add a bit of red food coloring and you’ve got ValenSLIME! Mix 1/2 cup (4 oz) glue and 1/2 cup water in a bowl. Add food coloring. In the another bowl, mix 1 teaspoon borax with 1 cup water until the borax is dissolved. Add the glue mixture to the borax solution, stirring slowly.

Love Notes Wall: Set up a bulletin board where students can leave positive notes for their classmates.

Heart Hide and Seek: Cut large paper hearts or old Valentine's Day cards into pieces, then hide the pieces throughout the classroom or playground. After the kids collect them all, have them work together to reassemble the heart or card.

Cupid's Arrow Toss: Set up a game where students toss arrows (made from paper or foam) into heart-shaped targets.

Love Bug Crafts: Have students create love bugs using paper, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners.

Valentine's Day Mad Libs: Create Valentine's Day-themed Mad Libs for students to fill in and share.

Friendship Bracelets: Have students make friendship bracelets using colorful threads and beads.

Thumbprint Heart Art: Red stamp pads and thumbs make for an easy but unique and heartfelt art project – two thumbprints easily form a heart. Use this method to make greeting cards, heart rocks, bookmarks, or mini canvas art. 

thumbprint hearts

DIY Heart Rings: Using red, pink, and purple pipe cleaners, show the kids in the class how to make Valentine heart rings.

Find Your Match Game: On construction paper cut into heart shapes, write a recognizable word pair (such as “peanut butter / jelly” or “salt / pepper”, “Elsa / Anna”), then cut the hearts into two pieces with one word on each piece. Mix up all the pieces, and then hand each child one piece. Loads of fun will ensure as they search for their other half!

Decorate Snacks: Bring unfrosted heart-shaped sugar cookies or cupcakes and various colors of frosting/decorations. Let the kids decorate and then eat their treats. Pro Tip: Be sure to check with the school about snack restrictions and food allergies before hosting any food-involved activities..

Heart Hunt: Hide heart-shaped cutouts around the classroom or school for a fun scavenger hunt – whoever finds the most hearts wins a prize!

Create Photo Keepsakes: Bring a digital camera and some fun heart-shaped props from the Dollar store. Set up a photo booth/photo station and a digital printer and capture all the giggles.

Valentine Trivia: Create and host a game of Kahoot! (in class or via a video conferencing tool for virtual attendees) with questions specific to the holiday.

Heart Relay: Put two lines of tape on the ground and split the group into two smaller groups. At one end, have a large bowl with conversation hearts in it along with a spoon or ladle. On the other end, have an empty cup/bowl. Have each group stick the spoon in the full container and walk along the taped line and pour into the empty bowl. The first group to fill it up wins (or if you run out of time, whichever group has the most in the bowl by the end of the time).

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Call in the Troops: Once you have a plan, ask parent volunteers to help out with your party by creating a Class Party SignUp – invite parents to pitch in directly or through a link in your class newsletter or on social media. Parents can choose what to bring and where to help right from their smartphones or computers 24/7 (without a password), and real-time eCalendar syncing and automated reminders mean parents remember when it’s their turn to pitch in. Check out our Class Party Planning Center for fun all year round!

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