Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find VolunteerSpot? Why did you change your name?
VolunteerSpot has changed its name to SignUp.com as part of our vision to better serve you. Your username, password, personal settings, and the settings and links for all of your activities have not changed. To learn more about our new name and our new look, visit a special FAQ page we have created to answer your questions.

Is SignUp.com really free?  

YES! SignUp.com's basic service is free, easy and available to groups of all kinds and sizes.

What can I use SignUp.com for?  

Anything! Everyone loves simple tools that help their groups join together and get things done. If you want to gather people to do things, bring things, or contribute money (even if it’s all for fun), SignUp.com is the place for you.
Potlucks, parties, prayer circles, political rallies & parent-teacher conferences could all benefit from a little SignUp.com! Please let us know how you are using SignUp.com.

Is SignUp.com for kids? 

Kids’ activities, sure! To comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, the Service is only available to organizers and participants who are at least 14 years old. If you are under 14, you may not use SignUp.com but can have a parent sign up on your behalf using their email account.

Will I need to install software? 

Never. SignUp.com is a Web-based service. Access your groups from any browser, anywhere.

How do I collect contributions through SignUp.com? 

SignUp.com has partnered with WePay, the leading online trusted payment transaction company, to make collecting money from your group quick, easy and secure! Collect contributions for fundraisers, member fees, uniforms, group gifts and more.  Learn more - click here.

What about privacy?  

SignUp.com respects the privacy of its users. We collect the minimum information needed to provide service and will not sell, share or otherwise provide contact information you submit to SignUp.com to any third party. Participants and leaders may opt-in to share their information to receive special offers and discounts offered from our sponsors.  Read the Signup.com Privacy Policy.

What information do we collect about you and your participants?
In order for SignUp.com to send messages to your participants through the SignUp.com service, we need current, valid email addresses for you and your participants. Additional information like phone numbers are used for communication within your group and are NEVER accessed by SignUp.com for any purpose.

I'm a professional coordinator working for an organization — what name should I use to register?
Register using the name and email address you want communications to come from. For many organizations, it looks like this: Jane Smith, Coordinator@NonprofitName.org. Be sure that the email address you use is checked regularly.

SignUp.com email messages have the activity organizer's reply email address in the footer so participants can contact the organizer directly, if necessary.

What messages does SignUp.com send?  

Participants receive invitation messages, reminder messages, change notifications and other messages initiated by the organizer. SignUp.com additionally sends a rare product update message, a random service survey or annual activity report.

Organizers receive an initial registration activation email, weekly summaries of upcoming activity, and notifications when a participant cancels a commitment after receiving a confirmation message.  Organizers additionally receive a monthly SignUp.com newsletter including service updates and announcements.

How do we use your participant contact information?
When you send messages (like invitations and reminders) to your participants through the SignUp.com service, we collect and store the contact information of the recipients for communication purposes. SignUp.com will not sell, share or otherwise provide the participant contact information you submit to SignUp.com to any third party. participants and leaders may opt-in to share their information to receive special offers and discounts from our sponsors.

What if some of my participants don’t have email access?
No problem! SignUp.com lets the organizer enter assignments manually for participants without email addresses. We remind the organizer via email when it's time to remind these people about their assignments. 

Premium Service FAQ 

I need to justify to my group why I paid to use SignUp.com's Premium Service? Do you have any information I can give them? 

Yes! SignUp.com provides valuable cost and time-saving to every group that uses us - the larger the event, and the more people or shifts involved, the bigger the benefit.

Time Saving: Using SignUp.com, it typically takes only 14 minutes to set up, coordinate and recruit participants for an average size activity compared to 4.3 hours using traditional methods. For leaders coordinating large groups or multiple daily shifts, we save up to two days a month by eliminating back-and-forth emails, phone calls, and excel spreadsheets!

My group uses "free" volunteer hours, so where's the savings?
Well, the savings are in the fact that the wonderful person who agreed to organize this complicated mentoring program, tournament, conference schedule, school carnival, building team, corporate event has another life. And if we use up too much of her time needlessly on relentlessly boring and tedious administrative tasks, this good person will likely burn out and move on. We don't have an endless supply of good, capable, helpful, organized people willing to work for free. Do you? We thought not. That's why we created SignUp.com -- make volunteering easier, keep your people happy year after year, and do more good!

Can I write this off on my taxes?
You can likely expense SignUp.com or write it off on your taxes as software/supplies (check with your tax advisor).

More money for your group. Got your attention?
SignUp.com makes signing up to help so simple, most groups see a 20 percent increase in new volunteers and participants at their SignUp.com-powered events. And those new volunteers and participants are an incredible source of additional donations of time, materials and cash - so SignUp.com is actually an investment in making your group run better and with more resources.

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