Fundraising Tips for Success: 5 Fun Ways to Increase Family Participation

Thanks to Panda Express for this thoughtful post on fundraising!

The tried and true saying of ‘the more the merrier’ couldn’t be more welcomed than when it comes to your Fall fundraiser. More participants = more dollars! Get tips from our fundraiser-friendly sponsor, Panda Express, on how to boost participation for your upcoming school, team, troop or community fundraiser!

Pick a Restaurant Fundraiser that Appeals to Kids 

Many times our kids influence where we eat -- anything to avoid the dinnertime meltdown! Panda Express continues to be a favorite choice for the entire family. It’s a win-win when our kids happily eat broccoli and together we raise funds to support our community!

Make it a Celebration 

There’s always an upcoming event on your calendar, whether it’s back-to-school welcome, staff appreciation, team spirit day, an annual Scout meeting or parent conference week. Kick-off your celebration with delicious food from Panda Express and raise funds while you’re at it.

Select a Date that Maximizes Participation 

Schedule your Panda Express fundraiser on a day with early dismissal when parents are already planning to pick up their kids around lunchtime (for elementary and junior high) or when students are already planning to eat lunch off-campus (for high school). This way, excuses for not participating are slim.

For those who can’t make the event, make sure they’re aware of all the options to contribute to your fundraiser. Those who are strapped for time can utilize options like online ordering or take-out to not miss their opportunity to support your group and your cause. Panda Express makes all options available for your fundraiser by simply entering the special event code (found on the event flyer) into the promo code box during online checkout. They do not need to show the flyer in-store for online orders as long as the code was entered during checkout. Easy!

Host a Competition or Set a Goal 

The spirit of competition tends to fuel fun! Set a goal and/or create some competition between your supporters and let ambition lend a hand.

  • Be specific when setting goals to encourage participation. Tell the community what you’re raising funds for and the minimum number of participants needed for success. For example, “Let’s celebrate our teachers! Help us raise money for our Teacher Appreciation Luncheon - we need at least 100 folks to participate!”
  • Ask participants share the Panda Express fundraising flyer on Facebook and Instagram and the person with the most likes wins a prize and recognition (Get fundraiser social media tips here: How to Boost Restaurant Fundraiser Turnout & Profits with Social Media)
  • Give teachers an incentive to encourage involvement by rewarding the teacher (or class) with the highest class participation. Think simple rewards like a prime parking spot or special coffee for a week.
  • Motivate students to participate by announcing a goal that, when met, results in something wacky, fun and mutually agreed upon, of course. Extra recess time, first-in line at lunch, or casual dress day are student favorites.

Advertise Around Town and Online 

Spread the word! Parents and community members turn out to support a fundraiser because they know about it and it’s easy to support. With a restaurant fundraiser by Panda Express, it’s easier than ever, so make sure everyone knows that this year they can support your organization’s goals. 

Post an ad in the local newspaper if you find that you have some funds in advance (or they’ll cut you a deal for the cause), add information to your social media feeds and neighborhood list-serves, and make signs to post where your community gathers. Maximize your use of the Panda Express promotional materials created just for your fundraiser! Download Panda Express posters and flyers to share everywhere that include the date, time and event code to track your sales.

Pro tip: Text the flyer and details to your community circle the day of the fundraiser as a last minute reminder.

Expect a large turnout (and large profit) this Fall when you host your fundraiser at Panda Express! Get the full scoop on Panda Express fundraisers here and you’ll get 2 free Panda Bowl certificates when you inquire now about hosting your next fundraiser with Panda Express.