Appetite for Fundraising: Tips for Hosting Profitable Restaurant Fundraisers

Thanks to Panda Express for this insightful post on fundraising!

It’s fundraising season. Last year you organized a product fundraiser and it went well, but let’s face it - it was time consuming, even with volunteer help and the slew of digital tools we have available to assist us. So you’re daydreaming about skipping order forms and high-pressure sales… With your natural appetite for fundraising, why not host a restaurant fundraiser this year and daydream about other things (like free time to binge watch your favorite show, have coffee with your besties, or ALL that laundry is clean, folded and in its proper place magically)? When you decide to host your fundraiser at your local Panda Express, some of your daydreams become realities (all laundry being done might always be a daydream though)!

Appetite for Fundraising: Tips for Hosting Profitable Restaurant Fundraisers

You’re in? Ok! Here are some tips for hosting profitable restaurant fundraisers:

Tip 1: Pick the Perfect Place

Many restaurants offer fundraising opportunities for school-parent groups, sports clubs, nonprofits and other organizations to receive a percentage of event restaurant sales for a selected date/event. When selecting the perfect eatery location, look for these three things:

  • Offers a strong percentage of event sales - You’re looking for 20% for your group.
  • Convenient in your community - Find a location that’s close to the school or meeting place for your group, so that attending the fundraiser event isn’t out of the way.
  • Has a great menu for dine-in or take-out! (Let the menu do some of the work for you when reeling in participants)

With over 1,900 locations across the country, offering 20% of total event sales and flavorful favorites like Orange Chicken and Broccoli Beef, Panda Express makes picking the perfect place a no-brainer!

Tip 2: Schedule Them Early and Often

Most restaurants require 4 weeks advance notice for your request to host a fundraiser at one of their locations. Panda Express only requires 2 weeks notice for those of you looking to raise some last minute cash, AND they will let you host a fundraiser at many of their locations once every 30 days! That means you can schedule fundraisers more frequently and more conveniently for everyone in your group!

Tip 3: Share the (Digital) Flyer

For the sales percentage to tally up, your fundraiser attendees need to make sure they bring the fundraiser flyer with them to the event to get the credit applied. We live in a digital world, and Panda Express makes this easier than ever with their digital version of the flyer - attendees can show the flyer on their smartphones during meal purchase. Share the digital PDF flyer for everyone to have easy access and in every outlet possible:

  • Newsletters
  • Social Media (See our tips for using Social Media to build buzz and boost attendance here)
  • Email Event Reminders
  • Neighborhood Online Community Platforms
  • School Communication Portals such as Online Backpack

See an example of the flyer here - you can create your personalized flyer after creating your own fundraising event here.

Broccoli Beef up your fundraiser and rake in a fortune (cookie) with this lo-mein-tenance event! Request more information about Panda Express fundraising here.