Boost Fundraiser Engagement with Simple Tech Tools

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Looking for a way to shake things up and make it more convenient for your community to participate in fundraising activities? Check out these latest and greatest ways to boost restaurant fundraiser engagement with a little help from technology and Panda Express!


You don’t have to be a pro to shoot a fun and powerful video! You can easily shoot a video on your smartphone, edit it a bit, and share it with no special skills or equipment. There are tons of video creator apps and tools to make this task easy, such as iMovie by Apple or Animoto. And video is the perfect way to deliver a heartfelt call for fundraiser supporters.

After reserving the fundraiser date at your local Panda Express, start by making an inspirational video to drive participation at this year’s event. This could be a recording of the organizer and/or past participants speaking about the success of past events and the importance of the upcoming event. Or, if you have video footage or photos from past events, create a video slideshow with the highlights from those events. You could even include a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the event prep. Get creative!

Next, plan to record the upcoming event at the restaurant to be used in a video to promote future fundraisers. And be sure to post this video on your website and any social media accounts that you manage - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. - and ask others to do the same.

Pro Tip: Feeling like you need tips and tricks on how to make an awesome video? Tap into your tween and their digital savviness to uncover how to make a video that makes an impact!

Social Media 

We all know the power of social media. The more you share the details of your fundraiser event, the better your chances are for a successful turnout.

Before the event, decide on a social media strategy. Start with this checklist:

  1. Does your group have accounts with all of the major social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, and which accounts have the most followers? You’ll want to focus most of your energy on those channels.
  2. If teens and young adults will be attending, consider setting up custom SnapChat filter or lens to make your fundraiser event more fun and special for hip crew of supporters.
  3. What hashtag best describes your event? Create and use a unique hashtag to track your own posts and to see what others are saying about your event online.
  4. How many different ways can you tell people about your fundraising event? Mix it up. “Come join the fun!”, “Give back to your community!”, “Support our Teachers!”, “Help us get to the playoffs!” are messages that get the attention of people who participate for very different reasons. Don’t just re-post the same message over and over again.
  5. What kind of content can you use to catch participants’ attention? Panda Express creates an official event flyer just for you and your fundraising crew! Make sure to share your event flyers via email and on all social media outlets. You can also easily create a variety of social media graphics with a free tool like Canva which provides a ton of templates and the option to upload your own photos or graphics.

During the event, designate a volunteer or member of the staff to be in charge of managing the social media accounts. Have this person post live updates and pictures, and respond to any account notifications received throughout the event. Posting during the event is critical as a way to catch the attention of supporters who may have forgotten to attend - make sure to grab them!

After the fundraiser, use social media to:

  1. Create a photo album of the event on Facebook and/or Instagram, and request that participants tag themselves.
  2. Make a social media post asking for feedback. Ask fundraiser participants to add comments to the post with opinions and suggestions for making the next event even better. Use the feedback to do just that!
  3. Post a heartfelt thank you message to your participants for their donations, for attending the event, and for their continued support of your cause. Be sure to share the total amount raised at this event and recap the plans for use of the funds.

For more tips on using social media to increase participation and increase profits, check out this article.

Live Streaming 

Take your fundraising to a whole new level by broadcasting the exciting moments of your event live at Panda Express on Facebook or YouTube. Entice viewers to come join in the fun if they can, and allow those who can’t attend to feel connected.

Will there be themed games or fortune cookie readings aloud? Live stream it. Are you planning to have a raffle drawing? Live stream it. Announcing progress made on your fundraising goal? That’s right. Live stream it.

Don’t be intimidated if you are not already familiar with this technology. Whether you are an iPhone user or Android user, Facebook Live and YouTube Live have made it super easy to live stream video directly from your device.


Some fundraiser participants just cannot commit to volunteering or attending an event. So, it’s always a great idea to give them other ways to help out.

Panda Express take-out will contribute to your fundraiser! Text letting people know that while they may have plans or are unable to stay for a meal, ordering take-out and sharing the digital flyer at pick-up is appreciated to help your organization meet its goal.

Another great way to use text for boosting participation is by scheduling text reminders for volunteers who signed up to help at the event or for anyone that RSVP’d to the event. Check out SignUp.com’s new automated text reminders.

Volunteer Management Software 

Make your life a little easier! Volunteer management software like Signup.com saves you time and spares you headaches by cutting out the need for back-and-forth emails, text messages, and phone calls. This awesome technology provides you tools for scheduling volunteer SignUps and tracking responses and availability. You also have the ability to reach out to volunteers that signed up for your upcoming event.

Get the most out of your fundraising efforts and exceed all expectations by tapping into these innovative technologies!

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