The Halo Effect: Put Your Brand in the Best Light

Tony Robbins may get the official credit for this quote, but the mother of every high school student has uttered it at least once: “Who you spend time with is who you become”. Run with the wrong crowd, and it’s guilt by association. Hang out with the good kids, and their glow reflects positively on you. This phenomenon of developing a biased perception based purely on association was first documented in the 1920s by esteemed psychologist Edward Thorndike. He dubbed it the Halo Effect, and one hundred years later, it applies just as much to the perception of a brand as it does to a person.

Halo Effect: Brand Association

We’re pretty proud of the halo that our brand wears here at SignUp. It’s bright, shiny and strong, supported by three key elements:

    SignUp is bringing people together to get do good things

    Our users are in a positive, do-good state of mind while on our site

    We are supporting their causes with a high-quality, free service

But enough about us. How can our halo help your brand?

Most consumers are savvy enough these days to know that when it comes to online services, “free” really means “supported by ads”. In many cases, that further translates into “annoyed by ads” — but SignUp’s unique purpose and ecosystem create a very different dynamic.  With the halo effect in full play, our users are more likely to be inspired by ads. On our site, your brand is being viewed through a positive filter, the SignUp experience of taking action for a common good. This borrowed influence subconsciously shapes brand perception, contributing positively to brand reputation and overall equity.

When it comes to buying decisions, Feel has 1.5x more impact than Think.1

But the halo effect doesn’t just improve reputation; it can actually improve sales. Consider this — when you were a kid, was your mom more likely to buy you that Silly Putty you spotted in the checkout line if she was in a bad mood or a good one? Exactly. Well, that same dynamic is at work when it comes to your target audience. Emotions have been found to significantly affect online shopping behavior: positive emotions will likely increase online purchases, while negative emotions will have an opposite effect. 

By partnering with SignUp, you can harness the power of positivity to boost both buyer perception and buyer behavior. Whether it’s co-registration, display ads, sponsored emails or something else, let our brand help yours shine in front of a hyper-targeted, highly coveted Women 25-54 audience that is actively involved in getting good things done.

Beyonce might not have had your brand in mind when she recorded her “Halo”, but SignUp users will certainly be singing your praises when you borrow ours. Connect with us today to get that beautiful music started!




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