Power Your Prayer Circles & Prayer Chains With Free & Easy SignUps

SignUp is the easiest way to amplify prayer circle participation!

There is something undeniably beautiful in creating community, connection, and shared intention when people offer their collective prayer by participating in a prayer circle or prayer chain. Prayer circles and prayer chains are the perfect opportunity to share support, love, and light for a common cause – and SignUp is here to help make it all (easily) happen! 

Power Your Prayer Circles with Free & Easy SignUps

Prayer circles typically engage people at the same time and can be organized in many different ways including formal prayer circle gatherings at a church or house of worship, at a community or campus center, or as an intimate informal group meeting in someone’s home. Prayer circles are even happening online with people participating across the community and even around the world! Prayer chains are similar and involve people signing up to pray at a designated time, from anywhere, offering the power and gift of constant prayer throughout the day or week.

With prayer circles and prayer chains, participants receive a sense of unity and connection in prayer, as well as a feeling of hope and empowerment that prayers will be heard. For someone going through a difficult time, hosting a prayer in their honor can help them feel comforted and deeply supported. You can easily organize a prayer circle or prayer chain for just about anything: 

  • supporting a congregation member’s or loved one’s healing 

  • sending love and light to someone who needs it

  • spiritual growth and celebration

  • Holy days and adoration

  • global issues like climate change, social justice, and peace

Prayer Chain SignUp

Whether your prayer circle is happening at a set time and location, virtually, or as a prayer chain over a day or even several days – SignUp makes it easy to create a prayer schedule, and even easier for friends, family, congregation and community members to sign up to pray. 

With SignUp, you can set up multiple prayer shifts with a few clicks, utilize the many options for inviting participants including posting a QR code where the congregation gathers, via a shareable invitation link in social media or a group text, and email invitations. Participants will find it effortless to sign up for a time to pray with a few taps, and will appreciate the automated reminders when it’s their turn. 

Amplify participation and power-up your prayer circles and prayer chains with SignUp – learn how here!


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