Free Printable Intro Letters for Community Mutual Aid Groups

Support Your Community 

More than ever you have a desire to put words into action – don’t let anything stand in your way as you lead mutual aid efforts in your own community! These print-easy introduction letters will kickstart your do-good efforts, allow you to introduce yourself from a distance and rally the troops (independently).

PRINTABLE intro letters

Recommended Supplies:

  • Free printable "Intro Letter for Mutual Aid Groups" PDF
  • White printer paper or card stock
  • Scissors
  • Pen or marker


1. Click on the image below to open the "Intro Letter" PDF, which contains 4 notes.

2. Print the page (as many as you need) on standard-sized white copy paper.

3. Write your name, address and phone number on each intro letter.

4. Cut each piece of paper on the dotted lines.

5. Using social distancing best practices, leave intro letters on your neighbors' doors.

Click the Image Below to Open the Printable PDF File: