"Look for Helpers. You can always find people who are helping." – Mr. Fred Rogers

Wondering what you can do to help your community, protect your loved ones and reduce your stress level during the coronavirus emergency? We've gathered information from the most reliable sources – check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website for the latest updates – and have brainstormed ways to help our members respond and cope, including ideas for using SignUp to make a difference in your community during this difficult time. From school lunch preppers for the young to errand runners for the elderly, to childcare specialists for essential workers, to clinical emergency response personnel – SignUp is here to help you help others.


How SignUp's App Supports Contact Tracing

Learn how SignUp makes it easy to identify who was on-site at a given time and to contact those exposed.

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8 Ways School Leaders are Using SignUp for Fall 2020

Here are some great ways to use SignUp to prep for back-to-school during the coronavirus pandemic.

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How SignUp is Helping Faith Groups During COVID-19

SignUp helps churches & congregations with social distancing, contact tracing and more!

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Supporting Your Social Distancing Efforts

See how people are using SignUp's software to help with social distancing during re-openings.

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How to Get Involved in a Mutual Aid Network

Community support is important, now more than ever – start a mutual aid group.

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Virtual Volunteering During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Check out these 10 websites that are offering remote volunteer opportunities.

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Fall Fundraising Trends

Ideas for Fundraising From a Distance During COVID-19

Check out these nine suggestions for socially-distanced FUNdraisers for Fall 2020.

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Ideas for Preventing Cabin Fever During a Quarantine

Avoid going stir-crazy while confined to home with these 44 fun suggestions for staying busy.

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COVID-19 Response: 6 Ways to Utilize SignUp

If you feel moved to help your community during the coronavirus emergency, here are some suggestions.

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safe social distancing gatherings

Safe and Fun Socially-Distanced Gatherings

Host some backyard summer fun while social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus Preparedness Tips for Families

Ease stress levels and support overall family & community health during COVID-19.

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Coronavirus Threat: Tips for Event Organizers

Consider these important action items to plan your response to this community health threat.

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