Make Project Graduation a Night to Remember!

Project Graduation is a tradition for many schools across the country, providing an all-night, alcohol and drug-free celebration for students right after graduation. Leaving a memorable and lasting impression for years to come, Project Graduation is all about having fun with friends.

Make Project Graduation a Night to Remember

Don’t miss our 10 creative ideas for your Project Graduation night!

  1. Karaoke Competition – Offer prizes to singers who encourage the most applause from the audience.

  2. Bonfire - Weather and safety permitting, coordinate an outside bonfire overseen by a professional where kids can chill or even roast marshmallows.

  3. Door Prizes – Connect with local businesses to offer big prizes like iPods and Kindles to raffle winners who attend

  4. Yearbook Sign – Encourage students to bring their yearbooks and provide pens for them to sign one another’s throughout the night; have a designated table where they can drop off and pick their yearbooks back up

  5. Photo Booth – String up a colorful sheet, curtain or banner for a photo booth; oversized props create a fun space for students to take pictures with one another. A quick run to your local dollar store can supply all the props you need!

  6. Graffiti Wall – Cover one wall in your venue with bulletin board paper, and provide sharpies for students to write messages and their favorite quotes from teachers

  7. Magic Show – Bring in a local magician or hypnotist who can wow the crowd!

  8. Glow in the Dark Party - Hand out glow sticks, glow necklaces and bracelets that add a nightclub touch to your festivities and dance party.

  9. Senior Video – Screen the Senior Slideshow or a movie created from the students’ past year

  10. Plan ahead – SignUp.com is the perfect tool for scheduling all your volunteers and supplies to make sure Project Graduation goes off without a hitch!