Summer Planning with SignUp

Ideas for Summertime Fun

Summertime seems to be the perfect blend of family vacations, pool parties, summer camp and lazy dog days (which just maybe makes this season our favorite). Plan your summer with SignUp! Whether you’re looking for summer activity ideas or looking to add ease into your planning process, you can plan everything under the sun with SignUp.

Summer Planning with SignUp

Looking for a few ideas to keep the kids busy and creative this summer? Add these to your list and look forward to fun!

Tie Dye Bonanza: Grab the rubber bands, buckets and all the white Hanes/Fruit of the Loom gear you can find! Invite friends and family for a tie dye bonanza – time to get groovy!

Family Cook Off: Have an uncle who swears he makes the best chili in the state? Your sister has been bragging about her strawberry shortcake recipe for years? Time to put everyone to the taste test! Host a backyard BBQ cook-off and print custom awards for “Best in Taste,” “Most Creative,” “Spiciest” and “Best Weeknight Dish.”

Friendship Bracelets and Bead Keychains: You didn’t have to be a Girl Scout to learn how to make these, though if you were, you spent countless hours honing this handicraft. Likely the most inexpensive craft yet with endless options!

Make Ice Cream in a Bag: With a quick Google search you’ll find plenty of easy recipes for making ice cream in a bag – no fancy kits necessary! Everyone will be eager for a sweet treat and smiles by late afternoon.

Create a Backyard Obstacle Course: You’re all too familiar with looking for activities that burn energy – this activity for the win! Think hay bales, water balloons, baby pools, PVC pipe structures, tires, hopscotch rope, pool noodles, hula hoops, sports balls of all kinds, swings. Get creative!

Make DIY Bird Feeders: Peanut butter, birdseed, sticks and twine of sorts is all you need! Create several styles by rolling the sticks in PB then coating in birdseed, then assemble with creativity. 

Dog Wash Party: Cue hose, buckets, and suds and round up the neighborhood pups for a summer bath. (Tips accepted of course.)

Plan for fun and ask others to pitch in – use SignUp to plan these summer activities and events!

Whether you’re planning for larger group activities or sticking with your own crew, plan to make some memories this summer!

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