Team Snack Ideas

Simple Fan Favorites for Athletes of All Ages

Whether you’re in charge of managing snack duty or it’s your week to bring the fuel, why not bring something the whole team will show some spirit about? Check out these team snack ideas to keep the team charged.

Simple Team Snack Ideas

Homemade Trail Mix or Snack Mix 

There are a million recipes out there to create a mix that’s tasty, healthy, and fun! Toss in some surprises like a seasonal candy or Bugles (remember how much you loved those?) Skip the nuts to ensure everyone can enjoy the snack. Pack the mix in individual paper snack bags – you can even personalize these with a “GO Team!” message or name – get creative!

Mini Muffins 

Another route with endless options to please a crowd. Try that latest zucchini bread recipe or grandma’s famous banana bread (skip the nuts to create a group treat), or maybe try a seasonal muffin – pumpkin, anyone?

Cookie Bars

From classic chocolate chip to blondies, cookie bars make it easy to cook one batch and call it done! Get festive by adding team color-only M&Ms on top!

Nut/Seed Butter Banana “Sushi” Rolls

A twist on snack favorites – try this banana “sushi” recipe. Add crazy, crunchy toppings like crushed freeze dried strawberries, cereals, or mini chocolate chips – mmmm!

Team Color Treat

Create a smorgasbord of snack items all in the team color. Your team color is orange? Try clementines, Cheez-Its, and cheddar cheese bites. Oh, it’s purple? Offer up purple grapes, blackberries, and mini blueberry muffins.

Mini Rice and Bean Burritos

Looking for a snack with a protein punch? Mini rice and bean burritos are perfect for a full day of fun and games. Start with this recipe and customize with rice or blended in veggies, as suggested. Pack in parchment paper and foil.

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Parmesan Ranch Popcorn

A tasty treat sure to have the team asking for more! Flavor tops the chart with all-time fan favorite popcorn. Pack into individual paper snack bags and call it the easiest snack of the season!

Fruit Salad Bags

Amp up the classic clementine with fruit salad bags. Make a big batch of chopped apples, grapes, kiwis, pears, plums – you name it. Toss with splash of orange juice to prevent the fruit browning and dole out small plastic bags of fruit favorites.

Nut/Seed Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Who doesn’t love the always-popular nut/seed butter and jelly sandwich? Get festive by cutting the sandwiches into fun shapes – go sports themed or seasonal! (Allergy alert - check with the coach and parents first and label clearly.)

Hummus Cups and Giant Veggie Bowl

Individual hummus cups make it easy to get in a protein-packed snack! Chop up carrots, celery, zucchini, and cucumbers to toss into a big bowl. Tasty healthy snacking made easy!

Chicken Fingers or Sliders and Fries 

This fan fave crosses into dinner territory for later games. Drive through your local hot spot or heat up big frozen bags before the game. Package in foil, individual paper cups, or bags for easy grabbing.


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