Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day at Work

Show Some Appreciative LUV to Your Team

Figuring out how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the workplace without causing awkwardness among coworkers can seem like an intimidating task. It is a day that historically puts a spotlight on romance, after all. (Who wants to deal with that possible HR nightmare?) But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about romance – it is also the perfect day to show your coworkers appreciation for great teamwork and camaraderie.

Ideas for Valentine's Day at work


5 Sweet & Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work

Show your appreciation but keep it sweet and simple with these thoughtful ideas.

  1. A day or two before the holiday, announce a late start or an early wrap up day (after getting approval from your boss, of course).

  2. Bring a box of donuts, strawberry strudel, or raspberry muffins for a shared Valentine’s breakfast with your team or department and/or have treats delivered to your virtual teammates. 

  3. Print SignUp’s Valentines for Coworkers, attach a piece of chocolate to each, and hand them out to your teammates.

  4. Place a bowl of chocolate kisses or heart-shaped cookies in the break room with a sweet message of appreciation for everyone’s hard work.

  5. Print some “Luv My Team” graphics, pick up streamers or balloons and decorate your team’s area of the office. Invite your in-office and virtual team members alike to switch their Zoom/Online meeting backgrounds to a Valentine’s theme such as hearts or flowers for the day.

5 Hearty Activities to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work

If you’re a power planner that wants to pull off something more elaborate for Valentine’s in the office, here are some safe-for-work, heartfelt activities to consider – and be sure to use SignUp to organize your event!

  1. Plan a Valentine’s Day Themed Potluck or Bake-Off. Pick a theme, like every entry must be pink, red or in your company’s logo colors.

  2. Host a RomCom (Romantic Comedy) movie trivia over lunch and award the winner with a movie theatre or restaurant gift card.

  3. Coordinate a Heart-Healthy Activity, such as a game of dodgeball or wiffle ball over lunch or at the end of the work day.

  4. Schedule a Blood Drive and/or Collect Donations for your local blood bank or the American Heart Association.

  5. Plan a Volunteer Day to spread the love in your community as a team.


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