New VolunteerSpot Features!


Free online signups & scheduling from VolunteerSpot now save you even more time with these awesome new features! Like what you see? Get started now for free! 

Participant Check-in 

Check in participants and volunteers as they arrive at your event right from the convenience of your smartphone or computer.

Great for every-day sign-in or for large events like carnivals, races and service days, Participant Check-in helps you keep track of your hands-on help in real-time from any mobile device. Options allow for walk-ups, for participants to virtually check-in for their shifts, or to verify their volunteer hours after the fact. Upgrade to get this cool feature today!


Enhanced Mobile Features 

Take your Sign-ups on the go with our new and enhanced mobile tools for Organizers! Quickly see who is signed up, invite and message participants, share your Sign-ups on social media, access reports and check-in sheets, and so much more from your mobile device.

To get started, simply visit VolunteerSpot.com on your mobile device and log in. Tap "My Sign-ups" to access easy, on-the-go Organizer features and tools. Get started




Easy Invitation Sharing!

Boost turnout at your events and activities - participants can now invite their friends and family to join in too! Great for community events, festivals and school-wide activities, this new feature extends your reach by letting participants and volunteers quickly invite others to sign up via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Activate sharing options in the Details tab of your sign-up's Organizer view to allow participants access to sharing links right in their sign-up experience.



Collect Money, Fees & Contributions!

Quickly collect and manage funds for your school, cause or group with our NEW Contributions Sign-Ups. From collecting money for dues and fees, to coordinating t-shirt and product sales, to raising funds for group trips and gifts, VolunteerSpot makes it secure, fast and easy!

To get started, simply click the Create a Sign-Up button from your profile page and select the 'Fees of Contributions Only' option from the Sign-up Kind drop down menu. An easy-to-follow wizard will walk you through setting up your sign-up to collect money. Get started




Import and Store Your Contacts

Use our NEW Contact List feature to build easy-to-access lists of all your participants. Add entries individually or import lists from your current Sign-ups, common file formats, and your Gmail, TeamSnap or DirectorySpot accounts.




Customize Your Sign-Ups with Themes

Customize your sign-ups with colorful background themes and images for all occasions -- graduation, fundraisers, potlucks, field day, parties, swim meets, and more! Choose from over 1,600 combinations of background themes and images - and even add your logo or picture to match what you’re organizing.

To add a Theme to a current Sign-up, click the Settings tab in your Organizer view.  When planning a new sign-up, you will choose a theme in the Planning Wizard. 



Sort, Archive & Favorite Your Sign-Ups

It's so simple to manage your Dashboard and multiple sign-ups with our new dropdown features - 'star' your sign-ups to add them to your favorites, archive sign-ups so they  no longer show in your Dashboard, view past and upcoming sign-ups and so much more! Get started!


Create Reports Across Sign-Ups

Brand NEW reporting features let you create and download spreadsheets capturing sign-up, volunteer and hours data across multiple sign-ups.

Also print check-in sheets and track sign-up status' with the click of a button!


Scheduling Repeating Spots

Need volunteers the same day, same time very month? Trying to find a way to organize daily classroom helpers? Set up a recurring volunteer calendar in minutes with our new Repeating Spots feature! Get started!



Publish Sign-Ups to Group Pages [CAMPUS PLAN FEATURE]

It's easier than ever for your group to share multiple activities and events that need volunteers - all linked in one place. Now, ANY organizer in your Campus Plan add sign-ups to your Group Pages (without adding them as an Assistant Organizer) - whoop! Get a Campus Plan Today!


Waivers & Volunteer Permissions

Do you need participants to agree to a liability waiver, photo release, or other confidentiality form before participating? Campus Plan and Premium members can now access a new feature that makes sharing and collecting these forms easy! Get more info here.


Quick Item Entry

Quickly build a list of items you need brought or donated to your event or program. Perfect for potlucks, holiday Giving Tree or Adopt-a-Family projects, group gifts for teachers and volunteer leaders, you name it!

Check out our quick video for building a potluck signup in minutes on the left, and get started now! Click here.


New Organizer Dashboard

Scan your signup status in seconds with our new Organizer Dashboard! With quicker access to your signups, group pages invitations, volunteer info and more, it's even easier to get organized!

Watch our quick dashboard tour video on the left, and click here to start planning your next signup today!


New Campus Plans!

Now it's easy to organize your entire school with VolunteerSpot! Customized school pages and Premium upgrades for your entire school help committee chairs, room parents, teachers, and school staff coordinate together to get more parents scheduled and reminded!

Click here to check out Campus Plan for your school today!


NEW Swap Your Spots

Activity organizers can now enable volunteers to request a replacement or subsitution if they are unable to make their volunteer commitment. With the click of a button on the signup, volunteers can generate an email to other participants asking if they can fill their spot. 

Check out our quick video on the left to see how it's done and get started now! Click here.


Customizable Email Options

VolunteerSpot now has NEW email options for organizers, making staying up-to-date on your activity sign ups & communicating with volunteers even easier! Quickly customize how often you receive updates about signups, comments, cancellations, and alerts when your activity has been filled.

Check out our quick video on the left and get started now! Click here.


Swift Shift Scheduler

VolunteerSpot's new Autofill feature lets you schedule repeating shifts in seconds! Great for parent-teacher conferences, carnivals and other fundraisers, concession schedules and more.

Check out our quick video on the left and get started now! Click here.


Group Pages

Group Pages are custom landing pages where you can post links to your many VolunteerSpot activities in ONE place, giving your participants ONE-stop for all your signups! *One free Group Page with VolunteerSpot Organizer account*

Group pages are great for ANYONE organizing activities with multiple VolunteerSpot signup sheets: classroom teachers, schools, leagues, churches, nonprofits and large events. Check out our quick video on the left and get started now! Click here.

VolunteerSpot On The Go!

VolunteerSpot On-The-Go

We're ready to save you time!

-  Free mobile website, specifically designed for ease-of-use when signing up on a smartphone or tablet

-  "Sign Up" pro-convenience apps for iPhone and Android let you track hours, manage schedules, & more (ad free)

-  "Clipboard" app for iPad turns your iPad into a virtual sign up sheet (free)

Click here for more info.