4 Trending Tools in Event Management

Thanks to our friends at EZBadge for this great guest post!

Pull off a particularly successful event – be it a fundraiser, conference, service project or holiday party – with these 4 trending tools and services for event management:

Four Trending Event Management Tools

1. SignUp.com: Coordinate volunteers and participants the easy way with free, online SignUps and volunteer calendars. With fast, easy set-up for all types of organizers from room parents, to coaches, team leaders, and volunteer managers, SignUp.com gives you the tools to build a simple online SignUp sheet or a full-fledged volunteer calendar in minutes. Invite participants and volunteers to sign up 24/7 from the convenience of their computer or mobile device, and rely on eCalendar syncing and automated reminders to keep everyone on track! Learn more >

2. EZBadge: Ditch the handwritten “Hello my name is:” name tags for your workplace, school and volunteer events, and invest in the go-to EZBadge name tag printer. Why?

a. Finally, an easy-to-read name badge to create smooth, professional introductions

b. Onsite, ‘print-upon-arrival’ prevents waste and boosts accuracy

c. Display name, company logo, job title, etc. with each custom name badge

d. Capture every element for future use with integrated registration system and compiled spreadsheet: email addresses, interests, membership status and more.

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“Easy to use. Great ice breaker for events. People say it makes them feel welcome. We get a spreadsheet with everyone’s email address that we can actually read. Much better than the clip board. Badges have our logo on them and they look much better than the old “Hello” badges."

- Arlene M., Events Coordinator, California

3. Social Media: Don’t pay for Facebook ads to promote your event! Get strategic and creative with all your social channels to get the word out.

a.Cross post on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and G+

b.Take advantage of free scheduling platforms like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck to do some of the work for you like scheduling out social posts in advance, tracking clicks and engagement,etc.

c.Coordinate a controlled sharing station at your event where you promote your group’s social handles and event hashtags, and where people can easily take and share photos, connect with your organization/group online and on social media, etc.

4. Photo/file-sharing: The post-event management is also a key measure of success. Find easy ways for your team and participants to engage with your organization or group after the event with free, online tech tools.

a. Use SignUp.com to send a quick email thank you note to your volunteers and supporters who had signed up to pitch in

b. Share conference presentations, webinar recordings, and follow-up documentation from your event with tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud

c. Share photos and videos and sponsor thank yous from the event in private Facebook groups, via photo hosting sites like Flickr, or on Instagram and Twitter

More about our sponsor, EZBadge:

EZBadge is the go-to name tag solution for event organizers. With rave reviews about simplicity, ease-of-use and a unique touch of professionalism, organizers are adopting EZBadge quickly as the latest addition to their event management toolkit. For more information about EZ Badge, and to learn about implementing EZ Badge for your own successful events, look here.

I use it for all my events. Great for all ages. Kids really enjoy printing their own badges!

- Sarah F., Children and Family Ministry Director