SignUp Software to Support Contact Tracing & Social Distancing Goals

Contact tracing is an important tool in slowing the spread of the coronavirus -- and as communities re-open, many businesses, houses of worship, schools and community centers have contact tracing requirements set by state and local health officials. (See the CDC website for more information.) This can seem like a daunting task -- however, SignUp makes it easy to identify who was on-site at a given time and contact exposed community members, colleagues, congregants and local health officials.

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Contact Tracing Begins with Social Distancing & Managing Occupancy

In order to successfully identify people that were on your site at the same time, you need to know who was on-site when. SignUps are being used to successfully manage safer occupancy limits and achieve social distancing goals in a variety of business and social settings. Simply set up a SignUp calendar with appointment shifts designating the maximum number of people who can be on site at a time. For high-traffic areas like community pools, this may be 25 people every hour, for a church, it may be 75 people for each Mass, and for an art studio, it may be 3 people allowed in the work area in 4-hour shifts. 

Premium members may set limits on how many times each Participant can sign up in a designated day or week, and schedule a time for the SignUp calendar to open and close to give everyone an equal opportunity to sign up for popular appointments. Electronic Participant-Check-in allows for recording walk-ups (if allowed) and SignUp data will be saved automatically until the Organizer deletes it. 

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How to Use SignUp Reporting and Messaging to Support Contact Tracing

Messaging and Reporting tools in the SignUp’s Organizer view will help you identify everyone who was on-site together at the same time and contact Participants to alert them of a possible exposure. 

To proactively send a message to Participants that may have come into contact with someone who is infected, go to your SignUp’s Organizer view and click on the Messages tab. From here, you can send a message to just those that attended on a specific day or shift, and draft your personal message to let them know about their exposure and what they should do (quarantine and get tested). All messages are private, so Participants will not see each others’ contact information.

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The Reports tab of your SignUp allows you to export the full Participant list of who was on-site at the same day and time as the person with Covid-19. Both the ‘Who’s Coming’ and ‘Interactive Reporting’ options provide a summary of all Spots and Participants for the SignUp’s entire date range, for a specific date range, or for a specific date.

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Sharing Contacts Data with Local Health Officials

Depending on your state and local requirements, you may be called on to provide local health officials with a list of who had contact with the affected Participant. Both the Export Report and the Interactive Report can be downloaded in Excel or .csv format for transferring information easily.


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