5 Ways SignUp Supports Social Distancing

As states begin to loosen stay-at-home orders and businesses, houses of worship and community centers find ways to reopen, safety is the #1 priority. With many precautions to take, SignUp is here to help support safer occupancy with social distancing and ease this transition. From boutiques to bike shops, offices to orchards, and pools to pews – here are five fantastic ways to use SignUp as the perfect assistant to navigating these new waters. 

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Employee Workplace Safety

From 10 team members to 10,000, leaders in offices and manufacturing facilities across the country are seeking new procedures and workstation layouts in support of a safer working environment. SignUp makes it easy to organize workplace safety efforts including scheduling staggered start and lunch times, technology pickup and drop off, signing up for workstations, and managing health screenings and training sessions. 

End of School 

Clean-Outs Though the essentials were snagged before the shutdown, tons of stuff remains tucked away in lockers and dorms. Use SignUp to organize time slots where a limited number of parents and students can pack away their remaining items at a safe distance from others. 

Graduation Use SignUp to coordinate cap and gown pickup from the high school. Create time slots to snap a social-distanced photo with the principal and favorite teachers while parents watch from the car. PRO TIP: Mark off standing areas with masking tape to prevent (habit) hugging.

Parks, Pools, Piers and Club Houses

As summer time arrives, nothing beats a dip in the community pool and a picnic at the park. Like you, other families are thinking the same thing! Instead of starting a war at the playground, use SignUp to ensure you’re following state and local gathering limits and guidelines. Create time slots for everyone to enjoy the community areas - for example, you could allow four families of up to five in the neighborhood pool pavilion at one time and set procedures for sanitizing in between. 

Religious Services

Houses of worship are finding creative ways to lead prayer services and minister to their congregations. Whether it’s offering live-streaming and parking lot services, or limiting the number of people allowed in the building – many are using SignUp to have families and congregants reserve a seat for attending worship services and private family ceremonies. 

Shopping Appointments

With small to medium-sized shops and farmers markets prepping to reopen, it’s necessary to keep a distance and manage capacity in these close quarters. As a shop owner or manager, make it easy for everyone to select an appointment time to shop. This way the space is managed (and safe) as customers access the store. 

If you’re not the one in charge, please share these ideas with the people who are – everyone will thank you for making re-entry a little bit easier!

SignUp continues to aid those managing coronavirus response and relief efforts – from coordinating meals for the elderly to staffing testing centers and scheduling tutoring – SignUp is helping to support those you love!

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