Easy SignUp & Scheduling for Your Coronavirus Vaccination or Flu Shot Clinic / Event

Flu shot and coronavirus vaccination clinics provide vital opportunities to safeguard our health and the health of our loved ones, co-workers, and community. Are you involved in setting up a flu shot or coronavirus vaccination clinic for your employer, school or local community group? SignUp makes it a snap to schedule volunteers to achieve safe participation and to schedule vaccination recipients with quick and secure signups for designated appointment times.

 Our hospital had to quickly set up thousands of COVID-19 vaccine appointments. SignUp made it super easy and the reporting tools have allowed us to easily track the percentage of our workforce that has signed up – 20% (400 appointments) signed up in the first 20 minutes! The feedback has been great so far and we will definitely be using SignUp again! 

- Eric D, Hospital Admin, Joliet, IL

simple vaccination clinic signups

SignUp is safe, easy and secure.

  • Participants can sign up on the go, from their smartphones – picking their appointment spot(s) with just a few clicks. They are not required to register an account with a password (instead we swiftly credential them via email, Facebook or Google login).

  • SignUp will sync to participants’ electronic calendars and also send automated reminders to ensure everyone keeps their commitments.

  • All appointments are recorded and participant data can be exported for your records.

How to create a vaccination clinic SignUp:

  • Determine if you’re creating a SignUp for shot clinic volunteers or for coronavirus vaccination recipients. If volunteers, clarify what certification is required and only invite those to sign up who meet your criterion. If vaccination recipients, clarify with your health agency about who is prioritized for receiving the vaccine and what allocation volume of vaccine you will have each day/week.

  • Visit your vaccination clinic/event site and determine how you will set up vaccination stations, queuing and drive-through options to determine how many people you can safely accommodate per time period. Will you need to make special accommodations for security personnel and vaccine storage during the clinic?

  • Set up your SignUp’s appointment Spots using our Swift Shift Scheduler to quickly set up a series of appointment openings that are 5 -15 minutes each (or any time you determine). You will designate how many people you can accommodate during each time period and may also block out time in between appointments for sanitation as well as breaks and lunch times.

  • Invite your Participants to sign up and choose their Spots. If you have strict requirements about who can sign up, please use personal invitations sent via email only. For vaccination clinics allowing broader attendance, shareable invitation links can be added to newsletters, social media and websites – anyone clicking the link can sign up. 

  • SignUp will send automated reminders including the time and location of your vaccination clinic and any extra details you provide. You may also attach links to documents such as maps or orientation procedures, or to a website with your medical registration forms. 

  • Organizers can quickly see who has signed up, run reports and message Participants and volunteers from any smartphone. Premium members (Plus and Max-level) have the option to authorize electronic check-in so any supervisor on site can check-in participants using their smartphone.

  • Need to schedule a second round of vaccinations? No problem! SignUp lets you re-use your plans and either make appointment assignments or re-invite people who have previously attended your shot clinic as a volunteer or recipient.

If you’re not the one in charge, please share these ideas with the people who are – everyone will thank you for making the vaccination process a little bit easier!

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