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2016-2017 EPS Lunch Reservations

Welcome to EPS Cafe!  Would you like to make a reservation today?  Would you like to dine with your adorable child?  Fantastic!  We have a seat for you!

A few expectations to make your dining experience one of the best!

  1. Make sure you click on the correct month you want and the correct grade of your child.
  2. Be sure that you and any other adult you bring has had the Volunteer Form completed at least 2 weeks prior to coming to lunch. 
  3. Arrive on time, sign in at the office, wear the Visitor's Badge in a visible location, and meet your child in the cafeteria.
  4. Feel free to sit at any of the blue and green picnic tables.
  5. Buying lunch?  Please bring exact change: $3.30.
  6. For space constraints (and to keep feelings from being hurt), you will only be allowed to sit with your own child(ren).  
  7. Please encourage your child to observe normal cafeteria procedures and behavior.  When students are asked to go to a Level 1 or 0, this also applies to the picnic tables.  This allows staff to give directions, students to focus on finishing eating, and helps with dismissal.  (It's not easy moving 200 kids in the same direction when they're distracted!) :)
  8. When it is time for dismissal, please encourage your child to clean his/her area, collect his/her belongings, and to join the class at the cafeteria tables.  (Be sure to give them a quick hug -if they let you!)
  9. Return your Volunteer Badge and sign out in the office.
  10. One last request with this new system:  Please be courteous of other parents who want to eat lunch with their child.  We do have limited seating, so please only sign up for one month at a time.  You may reserve a second spot ONE DAY before the lunch, if space is available.

2016-2017 EPS Lunch Reservations


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