The 5 S Commitment: Bring Parents & Brands Together for GOOD

There’s a reason why SignUp has been a trusted partner of brands for over 10 years — actually, five of them.  The foundation of our service is called our 5S Commitment, and we invite you to take a moment and discover how these principles benefit our valued brand partners.

SignUp Core Commitments to Partners

SAFE: With divisive, scary or salacious content everywhere, there are increasingly few safe digital spaces for brands out there — but SignUp is proud to be one of them. In fact, safety is the very first of our 5 core commitments to the advertisers and sponsors who partner with us. Our tightly controlled ecosystem is free from political firestorms, inappropriate content, comment wars and bot fraud — allowing you to be free from worry about what your brand might accidentally be getting associated with.

SURE: Our site users are the “Make-It-Happen Moms” — practical people who get things done — and so are we. A campaign with SignUp comes with CPC (cost-per-click) performance guarantee that mean you’ll always reach your goals within your budget. In addition, our influencer emails have an average open rate of 120%, while our co-reg opportunities generate 100K quality leads per month, with a 35% average conversion rate. Maybe that’s why more than 75% of the brands and agencies that partner with us keep coming back (our favorite stat of all).

SEASONAL: Timing is everything, especially when it comes to advertising. Many of SignUp’s users have events tied to holiday happenings, sports seasons and the many stages of the school year — allowing your brand efforts to reach them with perfectly timed relevance. Our extensive idea center is the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand as users search for clever, useful content to inspire them for every occasion.

SERVICE-DRIVEN: SignUp may deliver big reach to a highly desirable demographic, but we’re not a big, impersonal enterprise. This allows us to deliver personalized service to our clients, through select group of proactive, communicative reps who can respond nimbly to your brand’s needs. It’s another reason why 75% of our clients stay with SignUp over multiple years once they start. We’ve met the expectations other high-quality brands, and we’d love the opportunity to meet — or exceed — yours as well. (To sample more of the added value SignUp provides, be sure to check out the other articles in our Brand Partner Hub).

SCOPE: Partnering with SignUp gives you exceptional Scope, both in terms of audience reach and customizing programs to achieve your goals. Our user base is nationwide, allowing you to connect with 20M community leaders from more than 75K different schools and 400K unique groups with more than 50M integrated impressions per month. And we have nearly a dozen different ways to engage, so we’re sure to offer multiple opportunities that fit your brand and budget.

SignUp offers brands the perfect place to establish real-world local influence, with a variety of high-quality opportunities to become part of an ecosystem where people are actively coming together to do good — like raising funds. Not only do you get exposure the audience you want, but our advertisers have the opportunity to be seen as a hero that’s helping our users accomplished their valuable work. And that leads to the most important “S” of all for your brand — SUCCESS.


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