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Whether you've had a bad experience, aren't getting the help you need, or you want to emerge as the hero in your group – you can win praise from your participants and accomplish what you set out to achieve, stress-free with SignUp. See why so many leaders and teachers choose SignUp over SignUp Genius.

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Top Reasons to Go with SignUp

Our easy-to-use platform gives you everything you need to be successful, whether you’re planning a neighborhood gathering, a campus happening or citywide initiative. Our Basic (Free) service comes fully loaded with tons of useful features and supports unlimited SignUps, unlimited participants, and unlimited email notifications – all inclusive in ALL Plans. Our Premium Plans and ad-free experience provide planning pros with additional customization and muscle to bolster your success. Whenever you need an extra hand – we’re here to help! Our Customer Success team is standing by 7 days a week to ensure you shine.

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    Simply, We’re the Easiest!

    Our step-by-step intuitive planner makes it EASY to organize activities and events, big or small. We keep it simple without compromising on any of the important features including safety, security and scale. Quickly and clearly coordinate jobs, shifts, appointments, RSVPs, and what you need people to do or bring. Invite your supporters, parents, volunteers and colleagues with a simple link. Participants will love you when they sign up in a few clicks – no apps to download, no passwords required.

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    Boost Participation, Boost Results

    We know your success depends on people showing up and turning out – that’s why we keep our Organizers top of mind. Automated reminders (email & text) and calendar sync mean busy parents, volunteers and participants actually keep their commitments. Features like waitlists, rolling locks and setting limits mean you can give more people a fair chance to join in, contribute and amplify your results.

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    Always In-the-Know, Even On-the-Go

    We know you’re busy, so SignUp works how and where you do! Dig into the details on your computer, or set up SignUps and check progress using our crisp and clean mobile experience. Customize your alert preferences, run quick reports, contact participants and see at a glance who’s coming when and any other important details.

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    Less Busywork, More Meaningful Work

    We know you have more important things to do than track down your supporters and participants, make reminder phone calls, and wrangle long chat threads and spreadsheets. That’s why SignUp takes care of all the coordination details so you can focus on your meaningful work at hand.

SignUp is easier & more flexible than SignUp Genius and the Campus Plan saved our school over $1200 a year in giving ALL our teachers Premium planning access.

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Rajni M, PTA President, Oakland, CA

I love using SignUp, it saves me SO MUCH time compared to SignUp Genius! No more endless scrolling, no more multiple links, and forget toggling between groups or waiting for the tool to keep up with you. SignUp is easier all around!

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Heidi R. School Financial Assistant, Austin, TX

WOW! We used SignUp AGAIN and we continue to be so impressed with the ease and effectiveness of your product. You make me look really good!

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Jenn S, Corporate Event Planner, Denver, CO
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Why choose SignUp over SignUp Genius?
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We’ve got all the basics covered

Both SignUp Genius and SignUp offer a comprehensive set of free features to help you effectively plan and coordinate your activities and events. Explore the extensive list of included features below.

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Beyond just features, your experience matters most

We consistently hear from leaders that have switched to SignUp that our platform is easier for Organizers to plan activities and events, easier for participants and parents to sign up (especially on phones) and is more user friendly, thoughtful and flexible in design. These qualities don’t show up on a feature list, try it for yourself by taking a live demo here.

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Specialized features for planning pros & ongoing coordination

SignUp Genius works well for small, single-date events like potlucks with a giant theme library, resembling Evite. On the other hand, SignUp is tailored for groups, excelling in coordinating both one-time special events and ongoing activities, handling multiple appointments, shifts, days, and diverse tasks elegantly. Whether it's a simple potluck, campuswide conferences, or a complex festival with 5,000 volunteers over a weekend, SignUp offers superior planning capabilities. SignUp allows quick replication of plans for multi-day activities, Assistant Organizers*, waivers*, electronic participant check-in*, time zone support, custom participant questions, and robust reporting including hours tracking* – helping leaders flex to maximize group efforts effectively.

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Boosting participation by design

Both SignUp and SignUp Genius include multiple invitation options (email, social media, website links, QR code, etc.). Automated confirmation and reminder messages (email and text*) and calendar sync keep everyone on track. SignUp’s notifications are unlimited for ALL Plans; SignUp Genius sets email and text volume limits by plan type.

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Campus Plan & Concierge support exclusively for K-12 schools & districts

SignUp's Campus Plan aligns seamlessly with school organizational structures, empowering teachers, parent leaders, and staff to independently plan activities using our full suite of Premium Features, including Group Pages, campuswide messaging, and service hours tracking. Priced at $99/year ad-subsidized or $199/year ad-free, the Campus Plan offers a cost-effective solution for the whole school. In contrast, SignUp Genius imposes an administrative hierarchy, charging per teacher and resulting in fees surpassing $1,000 annually per school. Additionally, SignUp's exclusive Concierge Service expedites the setup of the entire school's Parent-Teacher Conference schedule, delighting teachers, staff and parents schoolwide.

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Access for all (Pricing)

SignUp Genius and SignUp both offer an extensive feature-rich environment for FREE and an ad-free experience for a small fee. SignUp Genius fees range from $11.99 - $59.99 for monthly subscriptions and SignUp’s fees range from $9.99 - $49.99, both offering discounts for annual subscriptions. SignUp’s exclusive Campus Plan for K-12 schools maxes out at $199 per year per school compared to SignUp Genius’s schoolwide fees which can exceed $1,000 per school per year.

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Collecting money is a breeze

Both SignUp Genius and SignUp can be used to securely collect money from your group. SignUp Genius charges 5% of the purchase price plus $0.50 per transaction plus a service fee. SignUp collects fees via secure partners PayPal or Stripe and only charges their fee, which ranges from 2.19% to 3.49% of the purchase price plus $0.30 to $0.49 per transaction.

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Responsive customer service

Both SignUp Genius and SignUp offer robust self-service libraries of frequently asked questions (FAQs). With SignUp Genius, service is limited to email between 8am and 6pm PT. SignUp provides a knowledgeable and friendly Customer Success team available to help 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm ET with overnight emergency monitoring via email and coaching calls by appointment. On SignUp, most people receive a personal reply to questions within the hour.

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Tips and ideas to help hosts and organizers succeed

Both SignUp Genius and SignUp publish comprehensive articles and video tutorials with resources, tips and helpful ideas to support your planning success.

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All SignUp Plans Include
  • Unlimited Emails ^
  • Unlimited Participants & SignUps
  • No Passwords for Participants
  • 1,500+ Theme Combinations
  • Mobile-Friendly SignUps ^
  • Collect Payments & Contributions
  • Lock a Day
  • Quick Multiday Copy
  • Swift Shift Scheduling
  • Simple Shift Swap (for Participants)
  • Sort, Archive & Favorite SignUps
  • Add Links: Dropbox, Zoom, Drive +
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Upload Images & Logos
  • Calendar Sync & Embed
  • Email Delivery Tracking
  • Import & Store your Contacts
  • Custom Notification Options
  • Timezones & 24hr Clock
  • Teacher Sharing ^
  • Advanced Messaging ^

^ Unique to SignUp

+ SignUp Genius hosts documents in the cloud, we rely on the experts in cloud security