Ideas for Spring Fun in the Sun

Add a little spring to your step with fresh air and sunshine! It’s time to get outside, ditch any winter blues, and gain a sense of renewal this spring season. Create some fun in the sun for you, your family and some friends to enjoy – here are some ideas to get you started!

ideas and tips for safe spring fun

16 Ideas for Springtime Fun

  1. Grab your friends or neighbors and plan a picnic at a nearby park or greenbelt.

  2. Make pinwheels to put in your yard or throughout the neighborhood to greet your neighbors with springtime cheer.

  3. Plant a container garden with your favorite herbs and veggies – get the whole family involved! (Fun Fact: Studies have shown that kids who grow their own gardens eat more vegetables.)

  4. Fly kites and/or airplane gliders at a nearby park, field or beach.

  5. Get the whole neighborhood involved in a community cleanup day – the perfect way to get fresh air, sunshine and a little exercise while making your community beautiful.

  6. Paint rocks with messages of hope and leave them in various places throughout your neighborhood.

  7. Pitch a tent in your backyard or book a spot at the closest camping site for a night under the stars.

  8. Take a scenic hike, bike or car ride (with the windows down!) – be sure to take your camera to document the beauty of springtime.

  9. Walk around your local farmer’s market – pick something new to try for dinner that night.

  10. Organize an Easter-themed scavenger hunt at home – start your planning with these printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards, and use the blank cards to add in more of your own steps to move the hunt outdoors into the yard or neighborhood.

  11. Plan for a fun outdoor game day with your household or a few neighbors. Find ideas here for hosting your own "field day".

  12. Get sporty – toss a frisbee, kick a ball around with a few people, or play a game of dodgeball, pickleball, or bocce ball to get your competition on.

  13. Search for rainbows – throw on your rain gear and head outside for a walk in the April rain showers for a rainbow hunt. If your area is lacking rain, make your own rainbows! Draw them with chalk on sidewalks or hang your own rainbow drawings and crafts in your windows to bring a little happiness to others.

  14. Have some do-gooder fun by getting involved in your community mutual aid efforts, or start your own mutual aid group for your neighborhood – volunteer to walk someone’s dog, wash a neighbor’s car, or be someone's exercise buddy.

  15. Visit the closest petting zoo or, if it’s an option, have them bring the zoo to you!

  16. Become a bird watcher – this could be a lot of fun for the whole family and you can even make birding a game!

Tips for Safe Spring Fun & Reopenings

  1. If you live in an area with a high COVID-19 community level according to the CDC, be sure to mask up when around others not in your own household, even if you are playing outdoors and even if you have other safeguards in place.

  2. If you’re in charge of managing community spaces, use SignUp to manage maximum occupancy limits – at the neighborhood pool or clubhouse, shared tennis courts, gym, church, salon and other businesses.
  3. When brainstorming spring activities, think of ways to safely space participants for the sake of social distancing – things like picnic blankets, jump ropes, and hula hoops are easy ways to mark off designated areas.

  4. Stock your backpack with hand sanitizer (use often!), wet wipes (quickly wipe down shared equipment), and a few extra face masks (just in case you need to share with others).


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