Team Mom Ideas for the End of the Season

Celebrating Success: Teamwork, Dedication, and Commitment

Thanks to HMHBooks for this great guest post!

Has your team shown true dedication and commitment this season to not only having fun, but for also the love of the game? As the soccer season wraps up, it’s time to celebrate teamwork and encourage that learned dedication and commitment throughout the break until the upcoming season begins.

Encourage your players with the recent release of the young reader’s edition of All Heart: My Dedication and Determination to Become One of Soccer's Best, from Carli Lloyd, the celebrated star of the US women’s national soccer team. Carli shares an inspiring, uplifting, and candid memoir that is sure to keep your teammates committed. Adapted for a younger audience and reluctant readers, this action-packed read comes with 2 full-color inserts and behind-the-scenes content. Order a copy for your young athlete today, click here .

Other Team Mom ideas to celebrate the success of teamwork and dedication, and to wrap up a strong season of soccer could be:

  • This year, everyone gets an award. When preparing for the end-of-season party, think of a theme that includes everyone or lets every player have a moment in the spotlight like a red carpet theme! Get creative with the awards – here are a few to get you started:
    • Best Dribbling Award
    • Best Hustle Award
    • Best Teammate Award

  • Make the party planning seamless. After you nailed down the theme, use a party planning tool such as SignUp.com to leave time for all of the other things you’re juggling as a Team Mom. Coordination solutions like these help you plan and manage the party, as well as automatically send reminders to the invitees – talk about teamwork!

  • Picture time! Don’t forget about creating a slideshow for the party that showcases teamwork (you might even put this on your radar for next season– to purposely look for opportunities to snap photos where teammates are helping one another). You can use free cool tools like Create a slideshow of photos from the season with free apps like Smilebox or Animoto. Make sure to share the slideshow with your team parents on Facebook or via email to preserve the memories! 

With a focus on building our kids’ values through team sports, make sure to celebrate this success at your end-of-season party. A teamwork party theme paired with individual awards for each teammate with a slideshow to showcase their efforts, players will feel like a pack. Pass along a copy of Carli Lloyd’s All Heart to keep their heads in the game during the off season!